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Digital Sound Decoders for DCC


SoundTraxxTM Digital Sound DecodersTM are state-of-the-art modules providing the benefits of todays Digital Command Control technology with the addition of high quality, digital onboard sound. Because DCC allows you to control each locomotive individually, with their own operating characteristics and personality, the marriage of DCC and sound means that each and every one of your locomotives can have its own unique identity!

Each LC Series Digital Sound Decoder installs inside your locomotive and integrates a full featured digital sound system, sophisticated Hyperlight~ lighting effects and a DCC decoder into a single, miniature electronic module.

SoundTraxx Digital Sound Decoders are available in both Steam and Diesel versions, each featuring a full spectrum of sound effects for each prototype. The superb sound quality will bring your models to life with such realism as you have never dreamed!

Real Locomotive Sounds!

Imagine if you will, watching your trains as they travel down the tracks, and hearing them approach...the steady chuff getting louder as the engine approaches.... As you enter the tunnel, the sound muffles, but you instantly know when the engine has emerged...the sound is louder now as it rounds the bend. As you near the station, slow the train, let loose a long blast of the whistle, and pull back on the Johnson Bar! Ring the bell to clear the tracks! You can hear the airpumps pounding out a steady beat as you apply the braking pressure... whump! whump! whump! Your ears won’t believe these are just models!

We record all our locomotive sounds digitally from the actual prototypes, sometimes traveling to distant localities to faithfully reproduce these sounds for you to enjoy in your favorite models!

Prototypical Operation

With a SoundTraxx Digital Sound Decoder, you can operate the locomotive movement, lights and sound in prototypical fashion. SoundTraxx sound effects are interactive, and will respond to you, the engineer, just like the prototype. Sound effects such as the whistle and bell are activated by pressing a button on your favorite DCC cab. The duration of the whistle or airhorn is directly related to how long the button is held, allowing for long or short whistles at will. Use horn or whistle signals for added fun and to control train movement during operating sessions!

Other sounds respond to the operation of the locomotive itself. The airpumps, for example, will increase speed, building up pressure as the braking effort is applied —just like the real thing.

All LC Series decoders provide "Rule 17" lighting control to further enhance realistic operation. Now you can independently turn on the headlight and backup light, as well as dim the lights for oncoming trains.

Stunning Steam Sound Effects!

Each LC Series Steam decoder produces sound effects for the bell, whistle, airpump and exhaust chuff. With three whistles to choose from in each decoder, you can give each of your engines a unique personality. Passenger or freight, large or small you’re sure to find a whistle to suit!

The Auto~ExhaustTM feature allows the steam exhaust chuff to be easily synchronized to the engine speed without the hassle of installing a sound cam. The Auto-Exhaust rate may be set to accommodate different drive wheel sizes, and the cadence adjusted to correspond to a 2-cylinder, articulated or geared locomotive.

Dynamite Diesel Sound Effects!

Each LC Series Diesel decoder includes digital sounds for engine exhaust, bell, dynamic brakes and three airhorns. Pick from a single-chime, three-chime or five-chime Airhorn. The engine exhaust notches up or down automatically in response to the throttle! If you prefer, the engine RPMs can be controlled independent of the throttle setting. Imagine a heavy freight lumbering up a steep grade with the diesels thundering at notch 8!

Advanced Decoder Features!

Because we support 14, 28 and 128 speed steps, our decoders can be used with any NMRA-compatible command station. In fact, our unique speed interpolation provides smooth, 128 speed-step response no matter what speed steps are supported by your command station! And with 15 user-programmable speed tables, you’ll be able to get the exact throttle response you want. Programming track? Forget it! The Digital Sound Decoder supports programming on the main, so you can re-configure the decoder right there on your layout without shutting everything down. This is especially useful when adjusting the sound effects, since you can hear your changes as you make them.

Brilliant Lighting Effects!

Most of the LC Series Digital Sound Decoders include our Hyperlight lighting effects. The light patterns of a number of popular warning beacons are reproduced in exacting detail - Mars Light, Dual Oscillating Headlights, Strobes, Rotary Beacons and more! These sophisticated lighting effects are not merely on/off or dim/bright flashers. The Mars Light, for example, will slowly pulsate with bright ‘pops’ of light as the light sweeps across the track, while the Rotary Beacon will appear to flash brightly toward you and then away.

Easy Installation!

We’ve reduced the science of sound to nearly drop-in technology! Our LC Series of Digital Sound Decoders have been designed with ease of installation in mind and include a large number of ‘plug and play’ models. These units require almost no wiring since they come prepared to ‘plug into’ an NMRA DCC socket provided by the manufacturer of the model. Many of our decoders also provide a speaker and all the parts necessary for a professional installation.

A complete line of accessories is available to make your installation even easier. Add to this our user-friendly instructions, and anyone can install a SoundTraxx Digital Sound Decoder. No fuss, no bother and no degree in audio engineering required!

A Decoder for Everyone!

The DSD LC Series is compatible with the NMRA DCC Standards and Recommended Practices. A wide range of models is represented in this catalog and you are sure to find one to suit your needs.