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MBTA Kawasaki BTC-4/CTC-4 Bi-level Car

Please see newsletter for most current information

The Railroad Depot is offering an HO Scale model of the MBTA's Kawasaki BTC-4 (Blind Trailer Coach) and CTC-4 (Control Trailer Coach) that were built for the (T) starting in 1990. The BTC's are numbered 700-781 and the CTC's are numbered 1700-1724. 33 BTC-5's (rest room equipped and numbered 900-932) started arriving in 2005. These cars are double deck with a medium level loading area, they seat 175-185 depending on configuration and with a trap at the side doors are capable of loading from low or high level platforms.

The model project started with a super detailed F40PH about ten years back, followed by a train of 6 horizon cars in the 4 number series in 1990. If you've seen this train at the shows we attend, you'll get an idea of the level of detail and authenticity we hope to impart to the Kawasaki's.

With the impending retirement of many classes of (T) single deck equipment, we'll see the Kawasaki taking on a more important role in Boston's transit picture. As the car is specific to Boston's (T), its appeal outside of New England is limited only to those who formerly lived in Boston. As such, this will be a run limited to a total number of 150, dictated also in part by the limited number of parts we could obtain that go into this car.

If you are seriously interested, contact us so you can be made aware of the project's progress. Visit our display at New England train shows to see the model first hand. We're excited about it and we know you will be also.

As a side note, we are also offering custom painted F40PH diesels in both new and old paint schemes. A single engine can pull a prototypical 6-7 car train of bi-levels with no problem due to the needle point, almost friction-free axles of the cars.

If you have an interest in the engines, we're suggesting that you order now while they are still available. This may not be the case when the Bi-level cars become available for ordering. Original single stripe scheme or newer "Lighting Bolt" scheme. Road numbers available#1000-1017. DCC ready are $249.00 or with Digitrax DCC and sound is $349.00.

Keep current with the project's progress by visiting our "Newsletter" section. If you have friends who are also commuter rail modelers, let them know about these cars. Limited availability can't be stressed strongly enough.